Outdoor Farm Market Returns

vegetables being offered for sale at a farmer's market

The Appleton Farm Market returns to its outdoor location on Saturday, June 17th.  Just a few blocks and an easy walk from the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast, the Market is open on Saturdays from 8am-12:30pm.  The Farm Market stretches down College Avenue from Appleton Street to Drew Street and includes Houdini Plaza. You can experience the area’s largest Farm Market with more than 150 vendors selling fresh fruits & vegetables, exotic meats, cheeses, breads & baked goods, specialty food & handcrafted items along with live music.

Although the Farm market was indoors at the City Center Plaza at the time, Red Chair was able to visit both the Houdini Plaza and City Center Plaza during his visit (pictured below).

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Many of the downtown antique, boutique and family owned shops, both in the City Center Plaza and along College Avenue, are also open during the Farm market for a unique shopping experience.

Along with the music and food vendors, the Farm Market also offers weekly special features which take place at Houdini Plaza on Saturday mornings:

1st. Saturday of the month: “Learning & Education”

2nd. Saturday of the month: “Health & Wellness”

3rd. Saturday of the month: “Kids Market”

Last Saturday of the month: “Sample the Market”

Come join us at the Franklin Street Inn on a Friday night to get an early start at the Market on Saturday morning for the best selection of fresh produce and other items.  Free guest parking at the Inn allows you to avoid the driving and parking hassles of the crowded downtown area. Hope to see you soon!