Our Green Policy

Guest Thank You:

We appreciate that you are making a lodging choice that supports conservation and preservation of our environment!

The Franklin Street Inn is committed to environmental improvements to help protect the Earth while pledging to provide our guests the quality of service they expect and deserve!

Checklist of Best Practices

  • Nontoxic, biodegradable detergents & cleansers are used whenever possible
  • Guests are encouraged to reuse linens & towels
  • A recycling program is in place

As a guest, ways you can help:

Water: You can help us conserve water consumption by taking shorter showers-shortening by 1-2 min. saves 700 gal/month. Turn off water while you brush your teeth-saves 3 gal./day. Don’t let water run unnecessarily.

Electric: Conserve energy by turning off lights when you leave. Avoid leaving lights on when not in the room or through the night. Turn off TV, unplug cell phone & battery chargers when not in use.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We have a marked trash container in the hall for recycling plastic, metal, & paper.

Laundry: Participate in our optional towel & linen reuse program. If you request fresh towles - a towel hanging will not be changed. Place towels on the bathroom floor to signal which bathroom linens you wish to have replaced. 

Air quality: We are a smoke-free inn. Smoking permitted outside only.

Travel Green Wisconsin

We’re honored to be accepted as eco-friendly by Travel Green Wisconsin (see certification standards below). Inn practices which are visible for you to experience:

Lighting on timers or motion sensors, LED and compact fluorescent light bulbs when possible, caulking & weather stripping seal window air leaks, recycling of our paper, metals, & plastics, low-flow shower heads to save water, linen re-use program, environmentally-friendly cleaning & laundry, micro-fiber cloths are used vs. paper for cleaning, guest toiletries have natural & organic ingredients, glassware is preferred over paper products, cloth is preferred over paper napkins, heating & cooling of inn is at recommended guest comfort levels, windows open for ventilation and cooling, our cotton, micro-fiber, & bamboo linens, pillows, & towels help save the earth, local & fresh in-season produce for guests, antique inn furniture is repaired & restored for everyone’s pleasure & preservation of natural wood resources.

Travel Green Wisconsin Certification Standards

Travel Green Wisconsin is a voluntary program that reviews, certifies, & recognizes tourism businesses that have made a commitment to reduce their environmental impact. Visit their site at to learn more. Franklin Street Inn Bed & Breakfast in Appleton earned recertification in January, 2023. Our membership started in June 2009.

Travel Green Wisconsin Checklist Summary

Basic Requirement is to complete the travel green questionnaire for review and be selected as part of the Travel Green program. More specifically, the items below are from our application that was acknowledged as a Travel Green lodging program in January 2023 and allowed to exhibit the logo. We are proud to be a part of Travel Green Wisconsin!

  1. Education Best Practices: Employees receive education about how to support our sustainability goals at regular staff meetings, through written communication, organized trainings, posted signage or other means.
  2. Community Best Practices: Participates in community-wide sustainability efforts ,Offers/uses locally sourced products
  3. Energy Best Practices: Uses LED lighting, motion-activated lights and/or programmable thermostats ,Schedules preventative maintenance for our heating and cooling systems ,Chooses energy-efficient equipment at replacement (including ENERGY STAR appliances) ,Other actions
  4. Energy Other: Use manual power for tasks rather than electric or gas machines whenever possible (e.g. - raking leaves, shoveling snow)
  5. Waste Best Practices: Clearly labels recycling containers next to each trash can ,Takes steps to avoid single-use plastics ,Uses ecological and biodegradable detergents and cleansers ,Takes steps to reduce food waste ,Other actions
  6. Waste Other: Use washable, multi-use plates and utensils for all guest meals.
  7. Water Best Practices: Uses an ENERGY STAR certified water heater ,Uses water flow reducers ,Uses native plants or rain gardens in landscaping