The Marigold Mile 

One of the things we love about Appleton is seeing and discovering new things about our community.  The longer we live here, the more we learn and like!  Recently, we were driving up Oneida Street to get gas for the car.  We were on the way home from buying groceries for our guests at the […]

Rhubarb Applesauce 

Here at the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast, Keith and I have had lots of time trying new recipes from various sources (online, cookbooks, friends/family) through this slow Covid-19 summer.  We thought “lets make the best of a tough situation by  wisely using our time preparing new recipes, repairing/painting the house and planting new […]

Wisconsin Natural Wonders and more! 

This summer many folks are opting for outdoor recreation due to the COVID-19 situation. Hiking, walking and bicycling have become preferred activities even for those who aren’t normally fond of the great outdoors?  Others are now dreaming of trading in work shoes for hiking boots, loading up the crew, and escaping for a day of […]

Life Goes On…with a Wedding 

After much concern and frustration from COVID-19 and its effects on our business, we are happy to say that LIFE GOES ON… as does our business.  June marked a moderate re-opening here in the Appleton, WI area.  We continue to be grateful for the many who continue to social distance and wear masks!  Opening The […]

Travel Tips for Summer 2020 

Due to COVID-19, Summer 2020 is going to be a different type of travel season for many.  Those who can afford to, and don’t mind the higher risk factor, will follow-through on the dream vacations they’ve had planned for some time. Some will choose to forego travel altogether this summer.  The travel industry is predicting […]