January 20, 2022

Vacation Day Tips: Travel, Relax, and Recover

In the spirit of National Plan for Vacation Day we wanted to share some information about vacation planning. So here are some tips from guest writer Jesse Clark at Soulful-Travel to help you get closer to packing your bags!

Woman sitting in beach chair wearing coat and holding coffee cup. Looking out at waves.
Image courtesy of Pexels

If you’re a business owner, getting away for a vacation may seem almost impossible, but it’s essential for your well-being. The daily grind can wear down the best of us. Especially with the rising need for employees and business owners to be tethered to their work at all hours, there’s barely any time left to decompress. But no matter how much you love your profession, all of us need to disconnect once in a while.

Why You Should Take a Vacation

Taking your vacation days is even more important now than ever. Millions of people only use about half of their allotted vacation days every year, if they use any at all. Where employers would prefer you were at work every day to help the company, most understand that you need a break. If you’re an employee afraid of falling behind or even losing your job if you take the time off, realize that these days have been given to you by your employers, and they should be used.

Stepping away from your work and everyday life can be very therapeutic. Use your vacation days, unplug yourself from your work, and relax. Instead of just sitting on the sofa at home, plan a little getaway. There are a lot of options out there, wherever you live, that are not far away. Even if you only have a couple days to play with, you can get a lot out of them by just taking a short trip. Look into some activities that are within a few hours drive from where you live.

How to Plan for Your Vacation

If you plan a vacation well in advance, this allows you to possibly save money and have more options by not booking at the last minute. This will not only help you find something to do on your upcoming vacation, but if your getaways are a little closer to home and more affordable, you are more likely to go on vacation more often. Try looking into a few of these places to help yourself rebalance.

  • Water: Whether it’s near an ocean, river, lake, stream or even a waterfall, water has a profoundly calming effect on the mind. You don’t have to swim, but you should try spending some time around water even if you’re just observing. Wisconsin has some great scenic waterfalls to experience, some that you hike to get to.
  • Hiking: Being outdoors and soaking up a little sun can really do wonders for the mind. Hiking outdoors helps release feel-good endorphins that will open your mind and help you relax at the same time. There are guaranteed to be hiking trails close to home. Your experience level doesn’t matter, as there are trails for all skill levels. Visit state parks to get a healthy dose of the outdoors.
  • Getaways: While you’re looking into the above suggestions, consider staying in a bed and breakfast, cabin, lodge, or hotel near your planned activities. Even if you’re only a couple hours from home, it can be just enough to give yourself a break, especially if you only have a few days to work with. And there are plenty of great deals available, too!

Using our vacation time is not only enjoyable, but extremely important for our quality of life. We spend so much time working that we often forget to step back and take a breather from time to time. So use the vacation time you have been given. Try to unplug from work. At the very least, take a trip that is a little closer to home to minimize expenses and maximize rest and relaxation. Remember, this vacation time isn’t just something you need; it’s something you’ve earned.

Postscript from the Innkeepers

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