August 5, 2021

Tips for Your Best Frugal Vacation

Trip planning items including a stack of field guides, a notebook with pencil, camera with zoom lens and a brown leather travel satchel lie on top of a spread out map.
photo via Unsplash

The Franklin Street Inn hosted many guests in the month of July.  Although not a one month record, it was the most guests ever in the month of July for the five years we have owned the Inn.  August is also shaping up to be a record month of visitors.  Thank you to all who have stayed or made a reservation this year and helped us in our recovery from a very difficult 2020.

Tending to our guests while working part-time jobs outside the Inn has kept Lori and I very busy.  My other job concluded in mid-July, so I am back at the Inn full time now.  Lori has kept her school year job, so she will resume in late-August after keeping the Inn full-time since early June.  Needless to say, we have been a bit behind on posting to this blog during June and July.

Fortunately, our new friend Allison Morgan provided an article on tips for a frugal vacation.  You can find more articles from Allison at  We hope you enjoy Allison's tips, and take a moment to check out her website.  So, if you're interested in saving some money on travel, read on...

Tips for Your Best Frugal Vacation - by Allison Morgan

You want to take a trip, but you’re living on a tight budget. Can you really afford it? If you plan strategically, you can enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank. With these helpful travel resources, you’ll be able to relax and know that your trip won’t drain your savings.

Planning on a Budget

During the travel planning phase, you can find endless opportunities to save money.

  • Don’t want to shell out the money for a pricey hotel? Consider one of these creative accommodation options.
  • If you’re booking a rental car for a road trip, use these tactics to pay a lower rate.
  • Booking a flight can be the most expensive aspect of traveling. These tricks will help you keep the price down.
  • Booking tickets to attractions can really add up when you’re on a budget. Instead, look for activities that you enjoy at no charge!
Packing on the Cheap

When you’re getting all of your belongings together for your trip, you might be tempted to spend more than you have to. Here’s how to stay frugal while packing.

  • If you’re flying, you don’t want to have to pay for baggage fees — make a commitment to pack light instead.
  • Are you going on an outdoor adventure? Don’t overpay for your gear!
  • You don’t want to get stuck repairing a broken phone on your trip. Invest in a phone case for protection.
Save Money on Your Trip

Once you’ve departed, you can still stick to a budget. These tips will help you avoid splurging.

  • Sure, you’ll want to treat yourself to local delicacies on the road, but you can minimize your spending on food by avoiding expensive restaurants.
  • On a road trip, seek out low gas prices and take steps to reduce fuel usage.

You don’t need to spend big to have a memorable trip. In fact, traveling on a tight budget can be just as exciting! If you’re ready to see the world, you can use these resources to begin planning for an affordable vacation.

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