October 14, 2022

Self-Care Habits While on a Budget

A young woman with long blond hair wearing blue slacks and a white sweater sits in a tan and wood trimmed antique chair in a corner of a room with windows on both sides. Her eyes are closed and she holds a greyish colored coffee mug which she appears to be savoring..

Innkeepers Keith and Lori have always been conscious of wellness and life balance, although like many we sometimes fall short.  As the days grow shorter into fall and winter, and the Inn slows down a bit, we try to take time to remind ourselves of the need for self-care.  As such, we are happy to share the following guest article from Sharon Redd from Live All the Way.

Preserving Your Self-Care Habits While on a Budget

Self-care options can seem like a luxury, but the act is a necessity that doesn't have to be expensive. Caring for yourself comes down to maintaining a routine that supports your mental, emotional, and physical systems to operate correctly. Delaying self-care is like neglecting an oil change in a vehicle — your body keeps running without maintenance, but it eventually breaks down. Use these frugal self-care suggestions to preserve healthy habits when funds are low.

Minimizing Financial Anxiety

If you're agonizing over finances, search for adjustments you can make to live within your means. Create a budget to compare what goes out of your account with what's coming in. Start with your housing expenses. Experts recommend spending no more than 30% of your gross pay on a mortgage or rent. Investigate downsizing as a means to alleviate stress and improve your self-care. Find a suitable replacement home by searching online listings for properties in your price range with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Staying Connected With Loved Ones

An empathetic ear can brighten your day instantly, as can supporting a loved one in a time of need. Ensure you have one-on-one time with each immediate family member daily to strengthen your bonds. Set a schedule to reach out to extended family and distant friends via text or phone. While social media shows you a curated snapshot of your acquaintances' lives, you can only stay close by regular interpersonal communication.

Getting Sufficient Sleep

Avoid running yourself ragged by trying to finish every task perfectly. Realize that you can never get it all done every time. Tap out at the end of each day to wake up and do your best the next. Late nights happen every so often, but staying up into the wee hours should be a rarity. Practice good sleep hygiene by keeping the bedroom cool, quiet, and uncluttered. Keep set hours for waking and bedtime, even on the weekends, for total refreshment.

Shutting Off Your Devices

Disconnect from screens at set times to detox from the news and work. Being on call 24/7 isn't reasonable and will burn you out quickly. True emergencies are rare, so people should stand to be without instant contact from you for a half-hour.

Taking a Bath

A mini spa day can be enough to take the edge off. Put bubble bath, votive candles, and essential oils on the shopping list to create a soothing soaking time. Send the family away on an errand or activity and turn on your favorite relaxing music for 30 minutes of bliss.

Enjoying a Mini Vacation

This bedroom has a queen bed with wrought iron black and gold bedframe sitting in a bay window with decorated shades and puffy ivory valance. The blue walls go up to about 8 feet with a oak trim piece, then 2 additional feet of wall in a light tan color. A t.v. hangs on the wall above the antique radiator.
The Rhodes Room

When you can't afford a weeklong retreat, you should still carve out a few days from time to time to unwind. Taking a lazy drive through a wooded area, fruit picking at a local farm, or spending a weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast can be enough to recharge your batteries. Gorgeous spots like the Franklin Street Inn in Appleton allow you to enjoy a cozy room near scenic areas so you can relax and forget your troubles for a few days.

Self-care is not optional for a fulfilling life. Dedicate sufficient time and energy to support yourself. Use these tips for personal maintenance and keep your mind, body, and spirit operating well.