June 30, 2020

Life Goes On…with a Wedding

After much concern and frustration from COVID-19 and its effects on our business, we are happy to say that LIFE GOES ON... as does our business.  June marked a moderate re-opening here in the Appleton, WI area.  We continue to be grateful for the many who continue to social distance and wear masks!  Opening The Franklin Street Inn following the health guidelines for our business continues to be a process. We make recommendations about social distancing and masks to our guests, and continue to live life as healthfully as possible.

COVID-19 Event Casualties

Within the guidelines, we were blessed to host a small wedding this past weekend. The couple we hosted had their large wedding postponed until next year.  Blake and Helen planned a wonderful wedding well in advance and purchased a house to live in together.  Unfortunately, like many who were to be wed this Spring and Summer, COVID halted their original plans.  Instead of totally postponing the wedding, they downsized this year's wedding to get married this summer. They will still have their big, beautiful wedding and reception next summer with all their original guests.

How the Wedding Happened

Blake's mother, Karrie, contacted us to see if they could do a small wedding at the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast.  We discussed size, timing, health guidelines, and how to make the event special for Blake and Helen.  Karrie's husband and daughter, visited the Inn to make sure our venue could meet their expectations.  Around June 3rd, we agreed that we could host a wedding for approximately 20 guests at the Inn on June 27th, and the whirlwind planning began.  Relatives decorated the Inn the afternoon of the wedding as pictured above.

Blake and Helen Fietzer exchange vows on the grand staircase at the Franklin Street Inn in Appleton while family members seated in the parlor witness the ceremony.Blake and Helen exchanged vows on the Grand Staircase of the Inn on Saturday, June 27th.  A small gathering of family members attended to witness the wedding.  The guests were seated in the parlor. The officiant conducted the nuptials from the main landing of the grand staircase.Blake and Helen perform sand unity ceremony at wedding. Setting is couple on grand staircase with family members in foreground looking on.


The couple performed a unity sand ceremony as part of the wedding service.  Blake and Helen, pictured at right, poured their individual sand vials into a common container to signify the blending of their future. They will add to the common container each anniversary to signify their growing together in love.

A Unique Reception

The Deering family chats with the Bride and Groom and another guest at the outdoor reception by the Taste of Ethiopia food truck.
Food Truck reception assists with social distancing for a small outdoor wedding reception.

The reception catering provided a unique experience, and a first for the hosts.  The Taste of Ethiopia Food Truck parked in the Franklin Street Inn driveway near the Inn's gardens to serve the reception food.  This allowed for a small outdoor wedding reception with social distancing.  The beautiful weather found guests enjoying food and conversation around the yard and gardens.  Patio furniture spread throughout the yard and gardens created safe distancing for guests.

At least for Blake and Helen, LIFE GOES ON... and almost as originally planned. It was our pleasure to host this couple overnight as well. We served them an elegant breakfast the next morning and became better acquainted. We wish the newlyweds a happy, healthy and prosperous life together!