May 15, 2020

Enjoying Wisconsin

I grew up in Milwaukee and south central Wisconsin. My parents made sure to introduce me and my sisters to many wonderful places in Wisconsin.  Trips to the Mitchell Park Domes, Boerner Botanical Gardens, many public parks, and the Milwaukee County Zoo were frequent events. Venturing further from home included the Wisconsin Dells, Circus World in Baraboo, and the House on the Rock, just to name a few. We also visited many different lakes and state parks for hiking, fishing and enjoying family picnics. These family experiences were a time for fun and shared experience. But they also included a time for learning about our state heritage. Drives to destinations often included a brief stop at a state historical marker along the way.

path leading through woods

view of trees with fall foliage, view from calm lake
Over the Years

While building our careers and raising our children around the Midwest, trips to my home state were infrequent.  We were able to come home to visit family and friends occasionally. During these times I would try to take Lori and the kids to an attraction I remembered from my childhood. Lori grew up in Ohio, so introducing her and the kids to the wonders of Wisconsin has been a joy for me.

Innkeepers standing in front of Franklin Street Inn I think these excursions helped convince Lori that Wisconsin was a great place to live! The result was buying the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast to semi-retire and fulfill a young adulthood dream of ours. Although we have been very busy with running our little B&B in Appleton , Lori and I have tried to make time for day trips when we get a chance.

Perhaps you are like Lori and I, on the lookout for additional experiences while you are staying safer at home.  Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about the many wonderful places throughout our great state.  If you are in either of these categories, we have some great news for you!

Virtual Wisconsin

While we continue to work together to support safe social distancing, Wisconsin is bringing state destinations to you via virtual events, POV videos, 360-degree tours and more. Many Wisconsin attractions are currently offering unique virtual experiences for you to enjoy now from home.  When the time is right, all our state has to offer will be ready to welcome you in person. Travel Wisconsin has put together a great list of resources for you to enjoy.  You can see the list and click on the links at:

So take a look. Enjoy some virtual experiences! And of course, get out and see the real thing when the time is right for you.

We wish you Happy Exploring!

sailboats and speed boats docked along shore of lake