February 28, 2023

A Look at Blended Travel

Although people have been combining business and leisure travel for years, it has taken on a new emphasis with the post-pandemic view of work-life balance.  The new form is called blended travel, although sometimes referred to as “bleisure” or “workcations.” This growing trend offers travelers a better work-life blend while they're on the road. Our guest writer, Sharon Redd (Live All the Way), provides some great tips for blended travel.  We hope you enjoy her article.

Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Be All Business

Young man dressed in mock turtleneck and tan sport coat carries suitcases through brightly lit glass walled corridor.
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Wouldn’t it be great if your business trip could also be a vacation or at least a fun get-away for a few days? Just because you’re busy doing the things that need doing doesn't mean you can’t take time to have a little fun or some needed R&R.

There are some tried-and-true ways to make your business trip less stressful and even enjoyable. So before you head out for that next conference or meeting, plan on making things a little easier on yourself with these tips and advice.

Plan Ahead

Start making plans as soon as you have a date and city for your business trip. That way, you have a better chance of getting the flight time and seat assignment you want for your flight. And since rental cars are still in short supply these days, it’s important to reserve one for yourself as soon as you can.

Then look to see what concerts or theater showings are taking place on those dates. Or look at the city or are for other interesting things to do while you’re there.  Purchase any tickets early to ensure it’s not sold out before you arrive and to get the best seat.

Look into booking a Bed-and-Breakfast instead of a hotel. You’ll definitely feel more like you’re on a vacation than a business trip that way. Bed-and-Breakfast stays are far more personal, and oftentimes less expensive than a hotel. The best ones, depending on location and time of year, usually book up pretty quickly.  It’s important to reserve the place you want as soon as you have the dates.

Get Some Rest and Exercise

You won’t be able to enjoy anything, or get much accomplished, if you’re sleep deprived. Nothing feels more miserable than going on no sleep. Invest in a few things for your flight like a comfy neck pillow, ear muffs, an eye mask and a white noise machine that you can use with headphones.  Also, if you will need to adjust to a new time zone, book your flight early in the day. This gives you time to rest before any meetings or tours.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Both of those will disrupt your sleep. Instead, try and drink as much water as you can. This will not only help you avoid becoming dehydrated, water also gives you energy and improves your mood.

Get some fresh air. Sometimes just going outside for brief periods of time throughout the day will help you sleep better at night.

Exercising not only helps you sleep better, it will give you the energy you need to be productive. If you’re at a B&B, go for an early morning and/or evening walk or run in the neighborhood. Or book a hotel that has a gym or an indoor pool if you enjoy swimming. You’ll feel better and you’ll enjoy taking in the sights.

Work Smart to Have Fun

Did you know that if the primary purpose of your travel is for business, the rest of it can be for having fun while being able to write a good deal of it off in taxes. Check with a tax professional. You may be able to deduct the cost of your hotel, meals, and transportation if your trip can be considered mostly business.

One way to make sure you’re fulfilling the business part of your travel is to meet with prospective clients, vendors, or scouting a new location. It’s important to carry business cards with you to exchange with your business contacts. You can create free business cards that you design yourself, too. No need to visit a printer or hire a designer. This tool will let you style your card to suit your business, with the colors and fonts of your choosing.


By planning early to get the best accommodations, then getting the right amount of sleep and exercise, you can avoid a lot of the stress that often comes with travel. By balancing work with play, like meeting with contacts and exchanging business cards, you may be able to have your trip pay for itself in tax deductions. Business travel doesn't have to be challenging as long as you’re doing it right.


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