January 10, 2021

7 Reasons a Staycation is the Budget Trip You Need Amidst COVID-19

Franklin Street Inn Parlor and window seat with winter decorations
Franklin Street Inn Parlor and window seat

Our friend, Jesse Clark, Soulful Travel, provides a guest article on reasons to enjoy a staycation.  A staycation may include staying at home, or staying close to home, while still getting out of the house. A stay at a local Bed and Breakfast may be a great way to break the monotony of your COVID home-stay, without breaking the bank. Franklin Street Inn Bed & Breakfast offers guests a safe-stay location along with Victorian charm in Appleton! Call (920) 209-9711 with any questions and make a reservation today!  We hope you enjoy Jesse’s article:

Traditional vacations involve excitement, adventure, and new experiences. However, they also involve long hours on a plane or in a car, high expenses, and stress levels through the roof. The solution is a staycation that keeps you close to home – and away from germs in the pandemic – while enjoying everything the perfect vacation offers.

Not convinced? Check out these seven reasons a staycation ticks all the boxes for keeping your budget and your COVID-19 risk low.


1. Staying Put Means No Travel Stress

Long-distance travel requires a lot of prep work. Packing your bags, arranging your itinerary, and navigating to faraway accommodations can result in frayed nerves before you even arrive. Staying closer to home means less stress and less expenses – plus the opportunity to incorporate self-care like yoga into your vacation plans. The mental and physical benefits of yoga can help you refresh after a stressful week or month – and the impact can last long after your staycation ends.


2. There’s Room in the Budget for Retail Therapy

Buying yourself something nice while on vacation is almost a requirement. But when you’re not spending tons of cash on airfare or other transportation (not to mention upcharges), your bank account won’t balk at a few trinkets. Plus, you can enjoy retail self-care on a budget by using online promo codes and coupons for your favorite stores.


3. Free Tourist-type Activities Don’t Cost Anything

Wooden Footbridge over river at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve
Footbridge at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve

Even if you’re a local, enjoying tourist-y activities in your backyard can offer a new perspective on your quarantine vacation. Hiking, for example, offers scenic views and fresh air. It’s an ideal activity for social distancing from people outside your family. Best of all, it’s often free!


4. Doing ‘Nothing’ Can Be Invigorating

Whether your vacation to-do list is super long or nonexistent, sometimes doing nothing is the most refreshing part of a vacation. It can even be healthy, says SCL Health – doing nothing allows you to slow down and be more self-aware, among other perks. Think, lying on the beach or reading a book on a hammock. Not only that, doing nothing often costs, well, nothing!

But while you may not be able to lie in the sand or relax under palm trees, you can make time for leisurely strolls in your neighborhood, lounging with a good book, or just indulging in a favorite beverage while watching the sunset.


5. Staycations Are Superbly Flexible

Knowing what to expect will make your staycation adventure more pleasant. After all, restrictions are still in place in many cities, so even venturing to the next town over could mean new rules for eating out or visiting shops. Check the guidelines beforehand so you don’t end up wasting time and money going somewhere, only to be turned back. And bring your mask and hand sanitizer, just in case!


6. No Planning is Necessary

While outlining your plans can be helpful, it’s not necessary with a staycation. Money is the primary source of stress for most travelers, notes Simplemost. But planning and preparation is also a significant contributor to vacation freak-outs. With staycations, your time is your own – and the spots you may wind up wanting to visit aren’t too far to check out, saving you the transportation expense.


7. Bringing Home the Benefits of Travel is a Plus

Wine bottle in green ceramic wine chiller and half-full glasses of white wine on edge of beautiful bathtubBeing able to replicate the benefits of travel – including fun pastimes – is one of the perks of a staycation. You can create a spa experience, cook an exotic meal, or even learn a new language without leaving home. By staying closer to home, you’re saving funds – which you could then put toward pursuing a new hobby or travel-related passion.

Skipping your travel plans might be a smart move in the pandemic season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some downtime with loved ones with a staycation. There are many reasons why staying near home is a great way to refresh.