August 27, 2022

Wrapping Up a Busy Summer!

The busy summer months describes what has been happening at the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast in 2022.  Besides hosting a steady stream of fantastic guests, completion of several needed upgrades and maintenance projects occurred at the property. One more large renovation project continues as well. Below we highlight the two biggest projects that our guests will enjoy!

The Patio

   Earlier this year we were able to get a company to redo the gutter and downspout that was draining under the patio. That drainage was causing the patio bricks to heave during the cold months, making it hard to maintain the garden patio.  By fixing the drainage issue, we were able to correct the existing patio and expand it. Keith spent several days, with some help from Lori and his mother, creating a beautiful patio for guest use. Several guests have enjoyed the garden patio in the back of the Inn since its completion. Planting more flowers and making the garden area more attractive continues to keep Lori busy outdoors.



Lawrence Bathroom Renovation Under Way

Beginning of bathroom renovation with exposed wall studs and boards  Although the Lawrence bathroom often gets remarks for its uniqueness and character, it was time to renovate and make it more functional for guest use.  We hope you agree that when it is finished it will be just as beautiful as before.  The main change is replacing the small Japanese soaking tub with a 5 foot soaking tub.  Although many guests had mentioned it was quaint and cute, it was not very useable due to it's size.

Blue radiator found in wall during bathroom renovation

Early on in the renovation, we discovered an antique radiator buried behind the wall and linen closet from a previous renovation.  That radiator is being opened up and utilized as part of the charm of the Inn!  For aesthetic issues, an attractive cover will likely adorn the radiator. A new shower and low-flow toilet will be added along with a larger vanity. The floor is also being replaced to better match the maple floors that cover the entire second floor.  Watch for an update and more pictures when the renovation is complete!


Fantastic Guests

The Franklin Street Inn continues to exist due to our wonderful guests.  We were blessed to have many return guests, friends and relatives, and many "new friends" visit us so far this year.  Your kindness and support makes this a venture we continue to cherish as we begin our 7th year of ownership!  The great support allows us to undertake projects and improvements for our guests.  With your continued support we will continue to be good stewards of this century-old historic home.  We will continue to  make necessary upgrades where we can while keeping the historic charm of yesteryear.