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Why Vacation is Essential

Why Vacation is Essential

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 Recently Henry Moore shared an article with me about the importance of vacation and relaxation and how it can effect health.  He shares many good reasons why we need to take time away from our work and routines.  With his permission, I have copied his article in this blog to share with you.

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Vacation Is Essential to Your Health And This Is Why

by Henry Moore

Routines - we all have them. As soon as the morning alarm goes off, we have just enough time to get ready, grab breakfast, find our keys, and get to work. The daily to-do list will not complete itself. There are only so many hours in a day, and often it feels like there are never enough. Life can be stressful, and that is why you absolutely need a vacation.

Need is a strong word, which is precisely why it is appropriate in this context. Science has actually proven that relaxation and fun are very important to our health. So, there is no longer any reason to feel guilty for dipping into your vacation fund, because there are now plenty of reasons why vacationing is essential to your health.

Stress Relief

Who has time to be stressed when there's nothing but sunshine and the ocean breeze washing over your skin? If you've ever been boating across the lake, exploring a new city, or lost in a quaint mountainside town, you know exactly what stress relief feels like. That's because many times the easiest way to de-stress is to temporarily step away from overwhelming tasks. In some cases, that requires placing several miles between us and our workload.

 Physical Wellbeing

Similar to experiencing the strain of a workout, our physical bodies become acutely familiar with our day-to-day, demanding lifestyles. Our muscles endure manual labor jobs or the back and shoulder tension from a desk job. It is important that we care for our body by providing time for recovery. Vacations help us slow down and manage activities on a modified schedule. Or better yet, they give us permission to not engage in activities at all. During this time, our muscles are able to unwind and settle back into a relaxed position. You might be surprised how much clearer you can think and healthier you will feel when your muscles are loose and at ease.

Relationship Growth

It’s common knowledge that time aids in the cultivation of relationships. Creating new memories with your best friend in a new and exciting location can bring new life into the friendship. Similarly, spending time away with just your spouse can give you time to focus on your marriage. For those with kids or pets back at home, the alone time together is a breath of fresh air. All you have to do is pack a light suitcase, schedule babysitter and/or pet sitter, and enjoy some quality time in your favorite relaxing spot. Even just a weekend away can help revive the relationship


Surprisingly, vacationing has been linked to a good night’s sleep. With little to no checklist of responsibilities, our minds have a chance to unplug and rest. You don't have the agonizing tension headaches from staring down the computer screen. You do not have the looming question for what your boss will ask of you in the morning. And, no pets are hogging the bed because naturally they are stealing your unsuspecting pet sitter’s pillow. Few things are more relaxing and health-focused than sleep. This makes vacation sleep one of life’s best luxuries.

 Mental Health

Reduced stress, relaxed muscles, sleep, and healthy relationships are all important parts of solidifying total mental health. And for those whose vacation preference is in the great outdoors, sunlight promotes clearer thinking, helps prevent depression, and reduces the risk of certain diseases. It is truly amazing that vacation can provide all of these things and renew your energy and zeal for life.

Vacation rarely gets the credit for all that it does to facilitate overall wellness. If you have been waiting on the perfect excuse to use up your vacation days, your health is the perfect reason. Vacation is necessary to experience a fully healthy life.

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