January 17, 2021

Take a Break this Winter

Winter officially began December 21 and the Franklin Street Inn in Appleton has experienced several small snowfalls so far this season.  The first snowfall of the season in late October had about 1/2 inch of the white stuff blanket our grass and shrubs. That snowfall hung on through the morning before slowly melting off.  I generally try capturing the beauty of the snow, and was able to snap a few nice photos again this year and sprinkled them through the post below.

Consider a Weekend Getaway!

Black dog rolling in the snow of a backyard area

You may not wish to roll in the snow like our dog Kodi, but we welcome you to relax and and enjoy a get-away. During the cold gray days of winter during this pandemic, you can get out of the house for a fairly safe change of scenery.  Just assemble the 5 items below and come relax at the Franklin Street Inn!

Item One – Drinks and Snacks

The glassware and corkscrew are already here. Use our minifridge for keeping things chilled, or we’ll be happy to supply a bucket of ice.  Open a bottle or mix up a cocktail to warm your spirits. Complimentary bottles of water and cans of soda pop are readily available. Bring a mix of sweet and salty morsels to enjoy as you hang out.

Item Two – WiFi and Bluetooth Devices

Snow topped shrubbery in front of a Victorian-style wrap-around porch with Franklin Street Inn sign in foreground Our smart tvs are connected to our free WiFi.  You can just load your account to stream your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube playlists (or any other account you have).  For the perfect musical mood, connect your Pandora, itunes, or other account to the our free WiFi network to stream your choices.  Snuggle up to view a great show or movie in the comfort of your room, or simply browse or shop in your pajamas.

Item Three – Magazines, Newspapers, and Books

Flip through your favorite news, entertainment, or lifestyle piece. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy the pleasure of flipping the page instead of scrolling the screen. Prop yourself up on the wonderful pillows in your guest bed and enjoy the fireplace in one of our suites.   If you prefer to read by screen, our free WiFi is enabled throughout the Inn. We also have a small library of a variety of genres to choose from.

Item Four – Slippers and Cozy Socks

As you settle into the inn, kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes.  Comfort is the goal here. This is a great chance to enjoy your long comfy cable knit socks or fluffy Sherpa fleece lined slippers.

Item Five – Puzzles and Games

Focus on a no-stress mental pursuit.  Sip, snack, and sing in comfort while you patiently piece together a puzzle. Or shuffle the cards for cribbage or gin rummy. If you don’t wish to pack your own, the Inn can provide some puzzles, games, and cards for your use and enjoyment.

Why Choose the Franklin Street Inn at this time?
The Franklin Street Inn, a beautifuly Queen Anne Victorian home, covered by a light snowfall

Travelers can find comfort in our smaller size. To start, there is less chance of exposure to other people. We are still limiting guests to 7 or fewer each night. The small size is easier to clean and sanitize efficiently and completely, including throughout the day. We follow State and local Health Guidelines, as well as those of the CDC. As a proud member of the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association, we are licensed, inspected and insured. and we live up to the highest quality standards and professionalism in hospitality. We continue to make your stay as safe as possible during these trying times. You can read our COVID Polices (by clicking HERE), which supplement:

1)  Impeccable Cleanliness

The Franklin Street Inn is our home, not just a place of business. We have always had strict sanitizing and cleaning procedures in place.  Future guests may feel more comfortable knowing our guests' safety and piece of mind are more important than our bottom-line!  We follow all appropriate health guidelines as well as all legally imposed guidelines by local or state officials.  Our guests stay safe because we keep up on the current COVID guidelines for you!

2)  Allowing for Social Distancing

Social-distancing is now the norm, and we know it may continue for some time. Outdoor space is available:  Enjoy a pleasant walk in the historic neighborhood, City Park is just ½ block away.  There are many other parks throughout Appleton as well, including those that allow snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Our reservation and payment systems have always been available through secure online and telephone procedures. Directions for check-in and accessing your room can be via email upon request. Check-out is simply leaving your key in the room and calling or texting us at departure if you do not wish for a socially distanced good-bye and thank you.

3)  Breakfast  and Meals

2 red chairs with table set for breakfast Everyone needs to eat! We provide safe conditions and information for breakfast and other meals. We are a fully inspected Inn, including licensing by the Appleton Health Department. Other ways we provide safe meal situations include:

  • We follow all recommended food service guidelines for restaurants and eateries.
  • Room service is available for breakfast in our suites, and continental breakfast items can be provided to guests in our regular rooms as requested.
  • The Inn always serves individually plated breakfast at arranged times with each room/guest.
  • Our guests are permitted to eat in the dining room and we can serve our full elegant breakfasts at separate tables and times.
  • Since the Inn always serves breakfast at arranged times with each guest, we can be sure to stagger breakfast times for distancing and sanitation.
For other meal needs:

Let us help you find safer restaurants in the area. Or order delivery or takeout from our local restaurants and eat here at the Franklin Street Inn.  There are many good food options in Appleton and the Fox Cities area.

Come Relax with Us!

Need to Get-away!  Sometimes you just need a change of scenery from where you are living.  Come relax with us for a night or two, or an extended weekend.  Break the routine and recharge! Join us at the Franklin Street Inn soon.