Red Chair views Art in Appleton

red chair looking at garden with garden scene murial on wall

Pictured above, Red Chair views the garden mural that beautifies the back gardens of the Franklin Street Inn.  One of the interesting walks Red Chair took during the visit to the Franklin Street Inn Bed and Breakfast was to view the various painted walls and switchboxes around downtown.  Appleton and the Fox Cities are proud of the artistic heritage of the area.  A few years ago Appleton created a downtown arts project that included painting murals on the walls of buildings and painting art on traffic switch boxes.  There are several beautiful murals and traffic control boxes throughout the downtown Appleton area as well as sculptures and sidewalk poetry. These are all within walking distance of the Franklin Street Inn, and several of our guests have enjoyed a walking tour of this art. In the pictures below, Red Chair takes in a couple of the murals adorning downtown buildings.  You can locate a map of the Traffic Control Boxes, Sculptures, Murals and Sidewalk Poetry at  The map is on the website of Appleton Downtown Incorporated, and this website will also allow you to access an events calendar and other information about downtown Appleton.

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Another well-known art venue in Appleton is the Trout Museum of Art. Located adjacent to the Houdini Plaza at 111 W. College Avenue, the Trout Museum hosts great art exhibits and juried art shows.  Pictured below, Red Chair makes his way to the Trout Museum entrance to take in the exhibit of Celebrating Picasso, a photographic exhibit about Picasso and his art, which was on display during his visit.

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Currently on display at the Trout Museum is the 37th Annual SECURA Fine Arts Exhibition. This is one of Northeast Wisconsin’s top competitive, juried fine arts exhibitions featuring work from some of the region’s most talented artists. You can learn more about the Trout Museum’s offerings and exhibits on their website at

Appleton and the Fox Cities have many wonderful opportunities to both view art and participate in making art.  Several of the local artists provide hands-on workshops and classes for all ages to create art. If you are interested in these opportunities we would be happy to provide additional information about the various opportunities that await you.  Drop us an email at with any specific questions and we’ll get your questions answered.

Put yourself in Red Chair’s seat and enjoy the art and art opportunities offered here!