How to Beat Cabin Fever in Wisconsin

cartoon about cabin fever

Here at the Franklin Street Inn Bed & Breakfast, I am suffering from a case off mid-January cabin fever!  Ice, snow and cold, then thaw and slush…then re-freeze again overnight.  We Wisconsinites must be hardy people in the winter.  No wonder we love to ski, ice skate, snow-mobile and ice fish.  If we didn’t, we would never get out of the house!  Wisconsinites also need to have good boots on hand!  One of our guests walked in with ice grips on her boots!  I’ve got to get myself a pair of those!   

To keep me busy inside the house, (other than running the inn) I’ve been working on my cross-stitch.  I want to learn knitting too but that will have to wait for another time. I’ve been working on new recipes, perfecting my crepe-making ability and planning my garden for the spring.  That has been keeping me busy while also combating cabin fever.  However, if “busy-ness” doesn’t work, a nice glass of wine while sitting next to the fireplace, cuddled in a blanket and reading a good murder mystery always works for me!! 

In the meantime, Keith and I have been planning Valentines specials for the inn!  We are focusing on romance and coziness for this cold winter month.  Chocolates, flowers, fireplaces and whirlpool spas!  Now that is a combo for romance and warmth!  Check out our website for details: Franklin Street Inn Bed & Breakfast 

Also, the 14th Annual, Death by Chocolate event is coming on Tues.  Feb. 14th from 4:30-8:30pm in Downtown Appleton.  20 of the area’s best chef’s will be participating in this chocolate-palooza.  Vendors feature a dessert or beverages made with chocolate as one of the main ingredients.  You can go to as many places as you like, all 20 if you are really up for the challenge (I would)!  From chocolate stout cheesecake to chocolate mousse, you will be in chocolate heaven during this event.  Tickets go on sale Jan. 14 for just $20 each and they expect to sell out!  Order on-line at Appleton Downtown Inc. or stop at the ADI office at 116 N. Appleton St. Mon-Fri 8:30am-3:30pm.

Another great outing is the Downtown Farm Market in Appleton, WI.  It’s held every Saturday morning from 9:00-12:30 inside the City Center on College Ave.  We walked there last weekend and got some wonderful apples for our Apple Crisp recipe.  We also bought some maple syrup produced by a local vendor.  We love to buy locally.  It supports our community and tastes great!  There were several craft vendors there too.  Come wander around the Farm Market and get out of the house!

Hope these ideas help you beat Cabin Fever! 

See you soon when you visit Franklin Street Inn in Appleton, WI!

Keith and Lori Hansen, Innkeepers