March 6, 2021

Finding Care for Your Pet when Traveling

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Our new friend Brandon,, has written a guest article that we are happy to share with you.  His article offers advice for pet owners that will allow them to rest easy when they have to be away from their pet. We offer this article in tribute to Kodi, our flat-coated retriever/border collie mix (pictured above) who loves to greet our guests. We hope you enjoy Brandon's article.

How to Find the Best Overnight Care for Your Pet When You Need a Vacation

If you’re like me, you never want to leave your furry loved one, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, when certain factors are at play, you simply won’t be able to take your dog or cat along with you.  So, what should you do? How can you be sure your furry family member is receiving the best possible care while you’re out of town?

Your pets are like family. You treat them with care, and you want anyone who is watching them to provide the same level of care. Many of us would rather not leave our cats and dogs with strangers.  At the same time, we occasionally need a vacation to help us unwind (this is especially true for managers, who are often the most stressed individuals in the workforce). As such, it may be necessary to travel without your pets. And when you’re already stressed out due to work (which can be compounded if you work as a manager), the last thing you want is to worry endlessly about who is looking after your pets.

There are several options to choose from for quality overnight pet care.

First things first, know your animals and your options. Some pets are laid back and handle being boarded easily, while others will react horribly. Some types of pets are a natural for staying with others, such as a friendly, playful dog.  Others, such as a skittish cat, may not handle the travel or hosting very well. Cats, in general, are territorial and do not travel well. Most cat owners will attest to this and prefer to hire a cat sitter.

For skittish dogs and cats, boarding at their vet’s office may be a good option. You can coordinate the visit with necessary treatment, such as immunizations or a general checkup. Although they might not react well to the situation, they at least will have their medical provider present to ensure that they are well.

Turning to close trusted friends and relatives

Woman walking large black dog with white socks on a trail with a filed of tiny purple flowers in backgroundOne of the easiest ways to ensure your animals get the best care is to ask a friend or relative to watch them at your home. This creates the least disruption in their lives; the only thing they’re missing is you. The stability of staying at their own home can help to avoid most, if not all, stress.

You may be tempted to ask friends or family to take your animals into their home, but it may introduce a great deal of unnecessary stress. There are several problems with relying on friends and family for pet care. First, your family and friends may not always be available in a way that is convenient to your schedule and needs. As much as you may trust these members of your inner circle, they likely are not animal care specialists. They may not know how to handle the numerous potential problems that can arise with a pet.

Ensuring convenience and safety through using a professional

For the ideal combination of know-how and convenience, an in-home pet sitter can ease your overnight pet care concerns. Professional pet sitters work with your schedule. If you need to take a quick trip, most likely you can find a reputable, professional service to provide in-home pet sitting. There are numerous services, even some that are facilitated through apps and other technology.

Even though these services are convenient and professional, it still is important to get to know them and develop a level of comfort. Before hiring pet sitters, introduce them to your dog or cat in an interview-like setting. Ask the potential sitters about their experience and how they would handle medical emergencies.

When you hire a sitter, make sure that they have several methods to contact you and your vet if necessary. This is one area where your friends and family can provide indispensable assistance. Rather than burden them with checking in on your pets or giving them occasional walks, leave these routines to a professional.  Ask friends and family to be an emergency contact in the unlikely event that your pet has an emergency. Through planning and using the right professional services, you can ensure a stress-free experience for your pets when you cannot stay home with them.

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