February 22, 2021

Couple’s Road Trip

Our friend Jesse Clark from Soulful Travel has shared an article that we are happy to share with our readers.  We hope you enjoy Jesse's article.

Hit the Road to Reconnect: Ways to Prep for a Couple’s Road Trip

After being together for some time, couples have to work to keep up a connection to ensure their relationship stays exciting and engaging, particularly after the honeymoon phase. Living with your spouse and waking up to them every morning takes away a bit of the rush you felt in the beginning. Work gets in the way, kids, bills — you name it.

road with green flat land on both sides

It’s important to continue doing things together, connecting and seeing your partner as a person rather than just your partner. When it's safe to do so, a couple’s road trip is the perfect way to reconnect and build new memories together. Read on for information to prep for your own couple’s road trip.

Pick a Destination

Once you decide to commit to a road trip together, the next step is deciding where. While spontaneity can be exciting, you don’t have to leave everything up in the air for the road trip to be romantic. Instead, focus on working together to come up with the perfect destination. You can return to a location you’ve both been before, or you can pick someplace new. If you're looking for ideas, Franklin Street Inn Bed & Breakfast is the perfect combination of charm and modern-day comfort, and we have implemented recommended policies to ensure a safe stay for our guests who wish to take a trip at this time.

While coming up with your own vacation plans can be exciting, it can also be a challenge to put all the details together. If you'd like the burden of planning your trip taken off your shoulders, you can hire traveling services to come up with an itinerary that's perfect for you.

Prep the Car

Aside from the usual first-aid kit that should always be in your vehicle, there are other things you should do to prepare your vehicle for a couple’s road trip. For starters, don’t take a vehicle on a trip that hasn’t been recently maintained.

Make sure your inspection sticker and insurance are up to date. Revisit your auto insurance policy to refresh your memory, and make sure your policy is the right one to protect you and your spouse on a road trip. If you haven’t updated your policy or switched companies in years, take the opportunity to compare quotes for fuller coverage at a better price.

Take your vehicle in for a tune-up to ensure your tires are safe and the oil is fresh, so nothing gunks up during your time on the road. Replenish your windshield washer fluid, and make sure your spare tire and car jack are where they’re supposed to be.

Then, make sure you pack other equipment into the car for emergencies; think of items like flashlights, small tool kits, flares for emergencies, and a portable jump starter. All of this should fit comfortably in the trunk, leaving enough room for your bags and camping gear.

Even if you’re not planning on sleeping under the stars, have a tent and sleeping bags ready for a romantic stargazing date night. You’ll need to make time for small dates during your trip to remind yourself it’s about the journey and not the destination.

Pack Your Bags

The only thing left to do is to pack your bags for the trip ahead. Depending on how far you’re hoping to go and where, essentials might take up an entire suitcase. This can make things tight if you’re in a car, so stick to clothing you can layer up, as Tortuga suggests.

Remember to pack a separate bag with your toiletries and other things you could need during the drive to make them accessible. While you’ve learned to share your space as a married couple, go ahead and give both of you your own small bag to store things in up front. Pack things like your phone charger, wallets, spare change for tolls, snacks, and books.

Restrain yourself from packing distracting items, and allow yourself to focus on your partner. Conversing, singing, and interacting with one another will be the highlight of your trip, no matter where you’re headed. Take advantage of your time together, away from the day-to-day stress of life, and watch the sparks fly once again.

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