Best Travel Tips for When You’re Tight on Time and Money

Relax, Refresh, Reunite

When is the last time you enjoyed a getaway?  Even if money and time are at a premium, there are ways you can make travel a part of your lifestyle. 

Our Fitwell Traveler, Henry Moore, provides some terrific tips for turning that dream vacation into a reality! Enjoy his guest blog below.

If you think traveling is just a luxury, think again!  Scientific studies show there are a number of mental health benefits to be gained from the routine getaway.  Giving yourself a change of scenery can refresh your mind, boosting your creativity and influencing your outlook on life.  Switching up your routine by engaging in new surroundings can help you to be more open-minded, encouraging you to embrace new ideas while also improving your agreeableness and emotional stability. 

People who travel experience a relief from stress by getting a mental “reset,” escaping their daily rigamarole and commitments.  Traveling with your significant other enhances your bond, which in turn improves self-esteem and mental wellness.  Not only does travel benefit your mental health, it is a boon to your body as well.  US News & World Report notes that traveling improves fitness and increases your activity level.  In addition to getting more exercise, you can also catch up on sleep, which results in more energy and improved mental clarity.  

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Stretch your money.  Great travel doesn’t need to drain your bank account.  Think outside the box and make wise choices for economic and exciting getaways.  Try these ideas:

Think locally.  Opting for explorations close to home is a great way to save money and have fun. Look into special events, whether it’s a visiting theater troupe, touring museum display or sporting extravaganza. 

Travel off-season.  By going at a time of year that is less popular, you can catch discounted tickets for airline travel, rooms, shows and rental cars. Another thought is to take advantage of “jump-off cities.” For instance, you might be able to land airfare to Las Vegas at a rock bottom price and turn it into your Grand Canyon getaway. 

Alternative arrangements. Instead of opting for the traditional hotel room, consider money saving alternatives. For instance, bed and breakfasts often are less expensive than hotel rooms and offer cozier, more unique accommodations – not to mention a full breakfast is included to start your days! Some other suggestions include staying in hostels or looking into religious housing. While they may not be luxurious accommodations, they typically offer clean, quiet, budget-friendly rooms.

Stretch your time. “Busy” is the mantra for many of us these days, but with a few clever tips you can make the most of a squeezed in getaway.  Forbes offers these recommendations:

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Weekenders. When time is tight, a weekend trip can satisfy your need for a break in the routine. Look for discount travel tickets or plan something close to home to help make the most of your time away.

Change up holidays.  Instead of doing the family thing at major holidays, consider making your way to a resort destination that’s popular during more traditional vacation times. 

Tag onto your work travel.  If your job keeps you on the move, consider adding a couple days to your agenda. Check with your employer and of course offer to pay for the extra days yourself. 

Enjoy your trip!  Traveling is good for your mental and physical health, so you should make it a priority in your life. With these thoughtful strategies you can enjoy a great getaway, even when time and money are tight. Pack your bags and have fun!