Breakfast at Franklin Street Inn

  • Lemon Poppyseed French Toast
  • Breakfast Skillet & Muffins
  • Fruit Crepes & Ham

Do you want to come on over so you can?

  • Imagine the wonderful aroma of home-cooked food drifting up to your bedroom?
  • Imagine thinking while you eat, "I didn't know that food could taste so great?"

Life at our inn is oh so comforting because you can:

  • Sit a spell, linger at our dining room table with warm conversation.
  • Discover life at its best & enjoy my breakfast cooking from scratch.
  • Let time stand still & reflect on the elegance of the 19th century in our formal dining room.

Can I share two secrets with you on your next visit?

  • Ask me for my secret spice?
  • Ask me why my food is so heavenly?

The inn has a very small kitchen,

  • but the size of the room makes no difference on the quality of the food for our guests.

What does make the difference, is my huge passion to

  • ... share the best in what a seasonal breakfast could be.

During our dining experience, you may...

  • dining room
  • Eat family style in our formal dining room or in the privacy of your suite.
  • Socialize with others around the breakfast table because that is what many guests look forward to at our inn.
  • Hopefully be added to our growing testimony list soon?

Le Chef Judy

Comes from a long line of kitchen magicians; grandmother, mother, & myself, all with the love of cooking and baking.

  • Judy, innkeeper

But above all we,

  • offer hospitality and food to guests in our home so that memories can be made.
  • share favorite recipes. (see recipes page on our website)